name Douglas Mitchell is the founder, President and CEO of Grace Realty Group, Inc. Since 2003, Mitchell has created a company roadmap, leading GRG to a future of sustained growth and prosperity. His vision for the company includes taking advantage of the many opportunities to be found in the real estate marketplace.

In addition to leading the company, Mr. Mitchell is responsible for property acquisition, disposition and redevelopment. He oversees the planning and monitoring of the company's financial performance and management of the liquidity, profitability and capital structure of the company and its investments.

Mr. Mitchell is the CEO of The Grace Fund LLC, a Florida limited liability company. The $20 million mortgage fund was organized in 2006 to provide financing for the Acquisition and Development needs of projects purchased by Grace Realty Group, Inc. and its affiliates.

Mortgage Pools - Jump In, the Water's Fine

09th January 2009
I often get questions from potential investors about the basic functions of a mortgage fund (aka a mortgage pool). Therefore, I've decided to write about mortgage pools in general to clear up any misconceptions. Mortgage pools are securities that are r... Read >